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NUKUNS Enterprise has since its conception in 2012, with the driving force of its sole proprietor, Mr. Musa Omarou Numvi, transformed over the years, into one of the city's most productive companies in the areas of: Civil engineering works Business consultancy Supplies

NUKUNS Enterprise was conceived and created in 2012 in Bamenda, the regional capital of North-West in the Republic of Cameroon. The sole proprietor, Mr. Musa Omarou Numvi, a business magnet formerly involved in the importation of motorcycle spare parts from China and Nigeria, created Nukuns Enterprise that has over the years, transformed into one of the city's most productive companies in the areas of:

  •  Civil engineering works
  • Business consultancy
  • Supplies

The enterprise has within the years since its creation to date realized several micro and major projects. Some of these projects include: 

  1. Schools Construction. This involves the building of classrooms and offices within school campuses. An example is the case of GTC NJIKWA workshop structure designed and built by NUKUNS Enterprise.
  2. Construction of Market Public Use Spaces. Within this category, NUKUNS Enterprise has entertained and built several community market spaces, for example ANDEK main market in NGIE Sub-Division Momo-Division.
  3. Roads Construction. Examples include FUNYU/YOUNG DOULU road in BAOCH-BALI Sub-Division.
  4. Construction of Health Institutions. Within this category, NUKUNS Enterprise is highly specialized in the choosing of strategic suitable locations, the construction of health institutional buildings with studied orientated focus on the purpose of health care services such will be provided, and the supplies of health equipment. Our example project includes the AJEI health centers in NGIE Sub-Division Momo Division.
  5. Construction of Bridges. In this domain, We are very daring in NUKUNS Enterprise. Despite the rough topology of construction sites, we are apt and zealous to take challenges within varying environments and bridge building sites. An example is the GWATKAN/WOSING Bridge.
  6. Construction of Professional Centers. This includes training centers for technical works and workshops for special people. An example of that which we have constructed includes the NKUMU FED-FED multipurpose center for the training of the underprivileged.\
  7. Supplies. NUKUNS has a specialty consultation with entrepreneurs and other workspace usage needs. The outcome is that we, analyze requests for supplies based on the needs in question and make suggestions on the best affordable and qualitative equipment to use. For example, we have furnished needed items and equipped the CDENO office and the ANDEK council in the North-West region.
  8. Client Care Empowerment ServicesAt NUKUNS, we do not only end at building and furnishing necessary equipment, we provide training and business empowerment services for our clients through consultation in various business adventures. Such include, but are not limited to the following:
    1. Business Risk Management
    3. Travels 
    4. Contracts  
    5. Marketing  
    6. Car rentals